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Hayden Panettiere in Hollywood FL

Hayden Panettiere and Boyfriend Spotted at Hollywood’s Taco Beach Shack

Here is a new spicy dish for you.

Television star Hayden Panettiere was spotted on our local Hollywood Beach, enjoying some mexican food with (ex?)-boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko.

Hayden, star of ABC TV’s Nashville and the Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champ shared a lunch at Hollywood’s Taco Beach Shack.

Credits to TMZ for posting the picture:

According to sources, Panettiere enjoyed two grilled mahi-mahi tacos and a margarita, while the much-larger Klitschko had six of the fish tacos and a Coke.
After lunch, the duo and a third, male friend played a game of Ping-Pong, with Hayden hitting a few balls before letting the guys play a more competitive round.

A representative for Taco Beach Shack noted that the laid-back restaurant is “the ideal place for celebrities to get away from the prying eyes of South Beach.”



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